2014 Guidelines

SBC Industry Achievement Awards

Third Annual SBC Industry Achievement Awards Guidelines

The Third Annual SBC Industry Achievement awards provide an opportunity to salute sustainable professionals' contributions to the marketplace and the community. The preeminent business leaders from around Southern California are slated to attend the Third Annual SBC Industry Achievement Awards event at the Lexus Santa Monica showroom on Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22nd from 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

There are many benefits associated with applying for a SBC Industry Achievement Award. All applicants will be mentioned in the award ceremonies program and the winning award recipients will receive recognition and prizes that include the following.

Third Annual SBC Industry Achievement Awards' Recipients Prizes
Los Angeles Business Journal Tribute Advertisement

Mentioned in a "Los Angeles Business Journal" Tribute Advertisement presented by Marcum LLP-distribution: 25,000 subscribers.

Platinum SBC Membership-value $5400
Details Here: http://bit.ly/1aoyCCa

SBC Giving Tree Award Trophy
The SBC Giving Tree Award Trophy which is a Ficus Bonsai in a solid Bamboo planter.

SBC Giving Tree

Extensive Marketing Campaign
Each award recipient will be highly publicized in an extensive marketing campaign.

Other Prizes TBA
Award recipients will receive other prizes that will be announced shortly. 

Table of Contents for the Judging Criteria of Each Award
During this event the following awards will be presented and the online application forms and detailed judging criteria are available at these URL links:

·       SBC's Sustainable Seedling Small Business Award (Revenue under $100,00)

·       SBC's Sustainable Small Business Award (Revenue between $100,000-$1 Million Dollars)

·       SBC's Sustainable Business Award (Revenue over $1 Million Dollars)

·       SBC's B Corp Award

·       SBC's Best Public Advocate for Sustainability Award

·       SBC's People's Choice Award: Sustainable Restaurant

·       SBC's Lifetime Achievement in Sustainability Award (Individual)

·       SBC's Lifetime Business Achievement Award (Business)

·       SBC's Pioneer in Sustainability Award

Thank you for your interest with applying for the Third Annual SBC Industry Achievement Awards! These award guidelines are designed to help facilitate the award process for you. We are also offering free teleseminars this year to help coach you with your application. If you are interested please contact info@sustainablebc.org to receive the schedule. Please note the following details about the judged awards.

Application Fee for Judged Awards
In order to maintain the credibility and legitimacy of the judged awards we ask for a small application fee for the processing of each application.

The fee for all applications received by February 14, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. is $50, and all applications received after February 14th though the final award application deadline of March 14, 2014 is $60.

You will receive confirmation that your application, application fee and faxed consent form were received within 24 hours of submitting your online application form. Please note if you receive an error message and/or are unable to submit your application via the application forms we ask that you contact for assistance: Molly Lavik via e-mail at:molly.lavik@sustainablebc.org or via phone at 310 488-4401. Many thanks.

Deadline for all Applications.
Early-bird Applications must be submitted no later than on February 14, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. PST and all other applications must be submitted no later than March 14, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Where to send all Applications.
SBC’s Sustainable Business Award applications should be submitted for the judged award(s) you are applying for via the online Application Form.

Checklist for a Completed Application Package:
All applications for all judged awards must include the following items:
1) Filled out online Application Form.
2) Submitted Pitch Essay via the online Application Form
3) Paid online as part of the Application Form $50 early-bird processing fee and after February 14th the $60 regular processing fee.

Important Regarding the Judged Awards
The SBC is dedicated to ensuring that the application and selection process for the SBC’s judged awards is fair and unbiased. In an effort to ensure this, the Awards will be decided by a panel of unaffiliated judges and additionally the SBC will disqualify any application by an organization which is an owned by an officer, board member, major donor-defined by giving $5,000 or more in cash or in-kind in the last 12 months (an “Interested Person”) of the SBC or family member of an “interested person.” If the SBC learns that an applicant is an “Interested Person,” the SBC will refund the application fee to the applicant. Please direct any questions you may have on this to: info@sustainablebc.org. Thank you. 

 A reminder to learn more about SBC's judged awards by reading the awards':

·       2014 Guidelines

·       2014 Application Form-SBC's Sustainable Seedling Small Business Award (Revenue Under $100,000)

·       2014 Application Form-SBC's Sustainable Small Business Award (Revenue Between $100,000-$1 Million Dollars)

·       2014 Application Form-SBC's Sustainable Business Award (Revenue over $1 Million Dollars)

·       2014 Application Form-SBC's B Corp Award

·       2014 Application Form-SBC's Best Public Advocate for Sustainability Award

·       2014 Application Form-SBC's People's Choice Award: Sustainable Restaurant

For more information contact: info@sustainablebc.org.

Details regarding SBC's Industry Achievement Awards

For additional details on the Sustainable Business Council please visit: www.sustainablebc.org.