Tiffany Paige

Creator & Host, Green With Tiffany

After touring the world as a successful runway and print model, Tiffany returned to her native L.A. to pursue a life in entertainment.

She has had numerous film roles including THE LAKE EFFECT, the recent CHRISTMAS TWISTER, and the Telluride Film Festival Winner THE DUPLICATE, where she plays both lead roles, as twins, performing her own stunts!  Tiffany is also a successful nationwide live EMCEE and on-camera HOST for brands and broadcasts including LEXUS (she is a hybrid vehicle specialist), GREEN FESTIVAL, AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS, THE AOF FILM FESTIVAL, USA’S READY FOR THE WEEKEND, THE US OPEN, E3- DECODED and the TED CONFERENCE.

Being environmentally conscious before it was fashionable, Tiffany has created and is the host and producer of her own on-line series called “Green With Tiffany”.  GWT is a social-media connected site about all things green.  Tiffany covers “green events” while showcasing tips and suggestions on how the average person can be more “green” in their daily life!

In addition Tiffany is a correspondant for other “green” media platforms, and the newly launched Evox Televison on Roku TV.  She is also a blogger for Honey Colony and 2greenenergy

“I am bringing awareness and truth to the green movement by sharing ideas of sustainability, wellness, environmental impacts, living as one with our planet and why it is important.”

My motto is “Choose to Care”.

I am passionate about our environment.  I want people to be informed and to have a trusted guide.  If I can show people that our planet is in trouble and that we need to act now, it would be my honor.